Stairlifts. Can the Doctor really help?

Posted on 03. May, 2011 by Mobility Aids Northampton in adjustable beds

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2 Responses to “Stairlifts. Can the Doctor really help?”

  1. Soothsayer

    03. May, 2011

    Normally I would not consider asking a Doctor for advice on stairlifts but when searching the internet on behalf of my Grandad, I did find one website which was run by a retired doctor (Dr. Stirling) whom specialised in looking after the needs of the elderly and their mobility problems. Reading the website and the impartial advice offered, I decided to call him in person. I am so pleased I did because I discovered whilst Dr. Stirling is now elderly himself, he runs the website on a voluntary basis. Dr. Stirlings advice was very useful and he soon put us in touch with a family stairlift business in out town, who did the job for us quickly and at a fixed price. This means there was no salesmans commission pushing the price up. So in this case Yes, a doctor can really help me choose a stairlift.

  2. Thomas

    03. May, 2011

    We too stumbled across this doctor’s website because we had contacted every stairlift company in our county of Staffordshire – but every time a curved chairlift was mentioned they talked mega thousands. The doctor put us in touch with a firm from Macclesfield, not too far away, who did a good reconditioned Stannah lift for half the cost a new one would have been.